Real Sex Habits of Happy Couples: Meet Cate and George, the Kinky Couple

Cate, 25, and George, 35, met online last year and haven’t been able to keep their clothes on (or hands off of each other) since then. You know when you've got a jacuzzi in your hotel room and you're like, "I wonder if someone had sex in here?" Yep, Cate and George did. Their secret? Being up for new things, the element of surprise, toys, costumes, lube, and role-play. With their sex life just as hot as it was a year prior, we asked the two to share some of their sexy secrets.

Secret 1: Always Reciprocate
“We always reciprocate oral," says Cate.

Secret 2: Explore the Back Door
“A lot of women associate oral with the vagina only, but there are major pleasure zones back there,” Cate says.

Secret 3: Turn Dinner Into Foreplay
For example: "Coming home to my half-naked girlfriend mashing guacamole is hot,” says George. “I quickly fix her a cocktail. Relaxing with a drink and eating a nice, healthy meal is definitely part of our sex life. We feed each other and often eat on the couch cuddled up.”

Secret 4: Be Expressive
"Cate is loud and I love it. We don’t care, and that’s what keeps us happy," says George.

Secret 5: Let Your Freak Flag Fly
"We’re on the same page when it comes to getting kinky and trying new things," says George. When you trust your partner enough, you can explore the things that turn you on, even if they might seem "weird" at first. For example: "She likes me to lightly choke her," says George. "I like being dominated," Cate adds. Another kinky favorite: “She gives a great deep-throat BJ—the gagging is a major turn-on," says George.

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